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ENDURE🎲 CHAPTER 6🔛 Author Prettyktm ✍️


THE black BMW was parked and a white uniform chauffeur stood next to it. As soon as he saw the two women and the boy coming out of the coffee shop. He opened the front as well the rear door. Mrs.Lul and Selma sat at the rear while Ronnie jumped in the front. The driver shut the door and sat in his driving seat.

"Home" Mrs.Lul said. As she pulled out her cell phone and began to send messages.

Selma looked through the close window. It was winter time and people were wrapped in warm clothes and they were same who walked freely they crossed arms were their winter clothes.

"We have a penthouse at Redder Road. Which my hubby uses for his stay in Bombay when he has some business work! Else both of us love our farm house in Amalga." Mrs.Lul said then she pats Selma’s shoulder and smiled.
"Sorry to say this, but your running away from home excuse is weird. Girls run away for their craze of Bollywood or either they are in love. But you run, in fact left a lovely family and a would-be-husband. Because you feel you will end up the same way like your elder daughter, for twenty years old this is really crazy thinking?" Mrs.Lul said. As she looked at Selma sitting beside her on a huge loveseat!

The living room was huge and lavish decorated. Each furniture spoke about money. The two women had rested and now were talking over a cup of steaming cup of coffee and snacks. Ronnie was fast asleep in his room.

Selma had touched anything. And now even after controlling all this time. She couldn't control it any longer and tears fall through her eyes.

"Oh my god" Mrs.Lul send as she moved closer and taking Selma’s hand in her, began to pat it gently like a mother.

"I need a job and a place. And I've..." Selma couldn't complete her sentence as she began to sob.

"Okay"But if you have to promise me one thing."

Selma looked up at Mrs.Lul who to her was like an angel in disguise.

"I've get you both a job and a place to stay. But you will call your family right now. Poor souls they must be worried to dead." Mrs.Lul said as she hand Selma few paper napkins.

"No, my brother will come to take me away the moment he will come to know am in Bombay." Selma said wiping her tears.

"But sooner or later they will come to find you here dear."

"Not in Bombay as soon as we have no relatives or friends here. But I promise the day I get a job I've call them."

Mrs.Lul didn't say anything she sat silently deeply in her own thoughts. Then she smiled and said "The soon the better" and picked up her cell phone and pushed the cookie plate towards Selma and smiled as she picked one.

"Hey Joey, how are you?" Mrs.Lul said then let out laughter. Then in a serious tone said! "Joey, I need your help and she talked about Selma’s job. Before ending she once again said. "Joey is concerned that the job will be done. Ah! You’re a sweetheart. Bye"

Ronnie came in followed by the maid. He hugged his grandmother and sat down next to her. The maid placed a small tray at the table on it was a glass of milk shake and a chicken sandwich. Ronnie picked up the sandwich and began to eat it softly.

"Mrs.Lul, I really don't know how to thank you" Selma said. She felt as if someone had removed the tension and fear stone from her heart.

"You will by not failing your promise after getting the job"

Selma nodded her head.

Both the women smiled.

Mrs.Lul cell phone rang a smile touch her lips as she saw the number on the screen.  Answered the call! “HI, Lain how was your trip."

For few minutes the conversation was only from the end as Mrs.Lul didn't spoke a word. But she rolled her eyes. Then with an angry tone she said. "Lain, you had said only after two weeks stay in Bombay I can come back and now it’s not even a week to get over and you want me to be in Goa. Business things business this business that. I'm fed up with all this and beside there is a guest with me, no you don't know her and it’s a long story. Ufa! Okay! We are coming. But for spoiling my little holiday, I demand a gift. How clever you're Lain, my gift is in Goa." Mrs.Lul said then saying her bye she end the conversation.

"Men they always want their way. Don't agree with them and they act like brat babies. Selma can you come along! I don't mind you staying here. But what will you do instead who knows Goa could bring some good opportunity for you."

Selma thanks Mrs.Lul for inviting her as she didn't want to live all alone in this huge house.
The flight land at mid-night and a white Benz picked them and drove away in to the dark night.
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ENDURE🎲 Author Prettyktm ✍️

THE huge villa was something one see in movies. From huge pool to tennis court! Beautiful gardens and a private beach! The villa was all in white. And its high gate was guard by eight security guards. Four in front and four in back! Beside one can see few others employees inside doing their job. The most amazing as well scary were huge dogs growling in their cages.

"Don't fear, they don't harm anyone, but are dangerous at night as the guards set free." Mrs.Lu explains to Selma as she got down from the Benz.

Two helpers came out and carry their bags. The villa inside wad like a mini palace!

Every nook and corner was decorated by world riches.

Mrs.Lu had already given the instructions as two maids showed Selma her room and help her with her bathing. Selma was so dead try that she just stumbled on the pillow and slept like a dead log.

"Madam" One of the maids said and hand Mrs.Lu a red envelope.

Mrs.Lu tore the envelope and smile.


SELMA got up and was given not only one of the best rooms. But a dressing room which had around 100 of clothes of all style and season with matching shoes, bags and accessories. At first she was confused, but one of the maids told her that she had full right to use them till her stay. That's what the madam had said. Selma like any young girl was thrill. And quickly began to selected today wear.

"Good Morning, a good night rest have done wonders for you, and in this blue jeans and yellow top, you're looking beautiful." Mrs.Lu said as she looked at Selma.

The two new friends sat down to a healthy breakfast.

"Can I ask you something?" Selma said as she cut her floppy buttering omelette.

"Hmm" Mrs.Lu said, forking orange from her fruit bowl and popping it in to her mouth. She was wearing a red color kimono with her hair tied loosely on top of her head.

"These clothes are all my size"

"They are my daughter's, she lives in New York. Ronnie is spending his vacation here. But now these clothes and the rest of things are yours." Mrs.Lal said smiling at Selma.

The bell rang somewhere and a maid rushed in to say that Sir has come. A smile touch Mrs.Lal face and she excuse herself.

For the whole day Selma didn't saw Mrs.Lu Ronnie met her at lunch time and by tea time he left for New York. The maid said he was send with his nanny. Selma spends the whole night thinking about things. She was a bit confused with all this, but then tries to diver her mind by watching TV which was placed on the opposite wall of her bedroom wall. A huge one! She never knew when she was fast asleep till a hand woke her up. With a jerk she got up and still in her drowsiness saw Mrs.Lu siting besides her. Then a fear touches her heart. As she saw a man lying next to her! He was a strong man, and now he smirk at Selma.

"Selma, my husband Mr.Lu" Mrs.Lu said as she smiled and left the room.

The last think Selma heard was a key turning and her door locked.


"Madam" The maid came and gave Mrs.Lu a red envelope. She tore open it and pulled out a 10x10 photos. It was all naked photos of Selma while dressing up. Mrs.Lu eyes glint evilly.

The cat had trapped the pigeon in her claws.


Author’s Note:
To Read the full Novella “ENDURE” click on prettystar on CHECK THEM OUT

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I wanna feel you once more
Deep down in my heart cares
My love is still alight and burning
With a vigour that’s refreshing

But I know the way you are
You want to run far
From me and my love
I don’t regret your bluff

If someday you feel restless
You want to stop and take a rest
You don’t like what you see
You want to come back to meee

If you want baby!
Want me baby!
Blink your light twice
You leave me no choice
I’ll be by your side

If you feel guilty, feel guilty
Say ‘Lord! Help me’ thrice
Don’t try to hide
I’ll be at your side.
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SOMEWHERE SOMEONE👣 Author Prettyktm✍️

Somewhere there will be someone
To whom I can call my own
And then these arms of mine
Will always die to hold

Someone very close
You came and hold me
Taking all my breath away

The light of the burning candle
Make you look like God
I beg down on my knees
Begging to you, give me more

Night pass away
With my cries of pleasure
Reaching towards the dark sky
But when I open my eyes

It’s only me!
All alone on the bed
Can’t seem to find you

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ENDURE🎲 CHAPTER 6🔛 Author Prettyktm ✍️

                                                    THE black BMW was parked and a white uniform chauffeur stood next to it. As...